Customer help

If you need to change the trading account password, you can modify it through the PC version and APP version of FixT5.  

The PC version is modified by logging in to the PC version of FixT5 - Tools - Options - Server - Change - Entering the old password - Entering the new password - Click "OK" to complete.

The APP version can be modified by logging in to the APP version of FixT5 - Settings - Click on the account number - click on the "..." on the right side of the account - select "Change Password" - change the "Master Password" - enter the old password and New password - click "Change" in the upper right corner to complete.

The simple way is to log in the official website, there is a "change password" in the account management, enter the new password after entering.

Normally, if you complete the registration according to the registration requirements, the system will receive the registered account and password within 1-5 minutes, usually by e-mail. Please note that the automatic firewall function of the email address may identify the received account password email as spam and store it in the trash. Please check it carefully. If you still have problems, please contact the official website customer service.