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1. All information and related products and services provided on this website, regardless of their nature, shall not be considered as recommending, inducing or encouraging the public to buy or sell any shares, stock options, similar financial products or any other financial derivatives. tool. All consequences and risks brought by the users of this website when registering and trading trading financial derivatives tools on this site are borne by the users themselves.

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4. The premise of using this website is that the user acknowledges and agrees that no matter how the user uses the information and related products provided by this website, or based on the information, the decision on the sale and purchase of shares, stock options and other financial products is made. The user must be solely responsible.

5. Past performance of any financial product does not guarantee future performance, and nothing herein should be construed as a statement or implied that past performance or trends can guarantee future performance. All users should first understand the trading of financial products. Great risk.

6. Users of this website are also required to understand that this website will never provide financial and investment advice to individuals, nor will it provide assistance or advice in any way regarding their personal financial situation. Any information provided on this website or provided on this website does not constitute investment advice for individuals and does not constitute any legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice. This website recommends that users do not make any form of investment decision based on the information and related products on this website without consulting professional consultants who are familiar with your personal financial situation. Transactions may not be suitable for certain users of this website.

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12. The user name and password of the account registered by the user are confidential. We will take active technical measures and management measures to protect the security of the user account and password. Please note that in addition to the payment link, please do not disclose your own account number, password information and various property accounts, bank cards, credit cards, third-party payment accounts and corresponding passwords. If the user is not properly stored, the password is too simple, etc., resulting in leakage or hacking, all losses and consequences, and the company and the company have nothing to do, the user bears.

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